Save the People Atop Mt. Sinjar, Now!


(This article was written in July of 2014, when Iraqi Yazidis were threatened with certain death by the forces of the Islamic State. Through the grace of God, and with just in time air strikes, medical supplies, food and water, and Kurdish help, the Yazidis escaped. But, the IS is on the move again. They will not stop their madness unless we recognize them for the murderous thugs they truly are and seek out and destroy them.)

Estimates vary wildly on the number of Yazidis trapped on a mountain named Sinjar in northern Iraq. There are tens of thousands of them. But that doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter what religion they practice either and no, they aren’t “devil worshipers.” That’s what the Islamist killers call the Yazidis to make themselves feel better. What matters is that genocide is happening – it’s happening now, and the world must act to save innocents from certain slaughter.

ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) is on a deliberate and methodical campaign to exterminate an entire race of humanity in the name Allah and it must be stopped.

We shouldn’t want to debate this.

We shouldn’t want to accuse. We shouldn’t want to get deep into the weeds of American or Western European politics and point fingers right now. Doing so is a waste of time and, God knows, these people have precious little of it.

Some of us, or our parents or grandparents, even great-grandparents, have lived through the prior century of the holocaust and genocide. Starting with the Christian peoples under the thumb of the Ottoman Empire before and during World War I, we have witnessed atrocities perpetrated against our fellow human beings never seen before in history. The Armenian and Assyrian races were obliterated by Pan-Islamic fanatics using the “Great War” as a screen to kill their own people. Hitler may have used this template to rid the Aryan Reich of Jews while the world was preoccupied fighting the Second World War.

Today, we are preoccupied with Gaza and the Ukraine to be sure and these are important crises for us to focus on. Yet, something much more sinister is taking place in front of our TV screens and iPads. Reporters from CNN and the BBC are filming it now, so we cannot use the “we’re a little too busy” alibi. This is a threat so real so ominous so obviously apparent that, as Cal Thomas writes in his syndicated column, “When liberal Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., and the conservative former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich agree on something, attention should be paid.”

ISIS in not a watered-down version of Al-Qaeda as some have said with shrugged shoulders. They are not a JV team pretending to play like the seniors or wannabes dressed in Los Angeles Lakers uniforms. ISIS or ISIL or IS (Islamic State) is flagrantly doing something the Ottomans and Nazis didn’t dare do in front of an international camera.

We pledged to remember – remember?

“Never again,” we swore when the allies freed the skin and bones of Jews who survived the concentration camps of National Socialism. “Never again,” we promised after the attacks on 9/11.

Attacks intended to kill for the glory of Islamic Jihad: the perfect world controlled by fanatical Moslem murderers bent on conquering the planet and offering us a choice to convert to Islam or die. Their victims’ screams haunt our war-weary slumber. Even though we vowed “never again,” we just turn our collective head on our cushy national pillow and wish it would go away.

Why don’t we get it?

Is it because we’re not kicking ass and quickly winning a war, like in the early days of the last Iraqi conflict? A war St. John Paul the Great warned – no, pleaded with us not to enter into?

Are we now feeling guilty? That somehow we created this mess and, maybe by suddenly turning the other cheek we can atone for our sins?

It’s too late for that. The silly and misguided “mission accomplished” utterance by GW and the utter nonsense spewed by President Obama about how Al-Qaeda was on the run are both fallacies – then and now. There is no democrat or republican argument that can save the huddled masses on the mountain of Sinjar. For God’s sake put aside partisan acrimony for just this one moment and do the right thing.

Ninety-nine years ago, the Armenians faced the same fate.  In World War I, some five-thousand Armenian Christians escaped to the mountain of Musa Dagh on the border of Turkey and Syria. For forty gut wrenching days, with only a few hundred men in arms, they defended themselves against absurd odds. The world finally heard their cries and saved them from the bloody sword of Islamic fascism.

The Yazidis now face the same brutal blade, this time wielded by ISIS. Pray, yes pray that the world will take notice and remember our vow. Let our oath to never forget stop the bloodthirsty fanatics that surround Mount Sinjar. Water, food and medical supplies, air strikes by fighter jets and drones are a good first step. But, we must get those people off the mountain and we must do it immediately.

 Then we must stand up like righteous nations and coldly look ISIS in the eye. We must invoke the United Nations convention, adopted in 1948, banning genocide. The leaders of ISIS must be apprehended and put on trial. If we don’t do this, then the history of the last hundred years has taught us nothing and we are bound to repeat it.

Yes, stare-down ISIS today. Because they’re eyeing us up right now for tomorrow.


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