It’s Vanity, Period.



It’s been shoved down our throats by a torrent of media coverage from our local and city newspapers and television stations to the world-wide internet via our providers or in our emails or on face book or twitter and, certainly and effectively, over national networks and magazines: Bruce Jenner, former Olympic champion, magically transformed from a male to a female, seemingly overnight.

He or she looks like the greatest Photo Shop poster boy (or girl) that’s ever been created in history. Doctor Frankenstein and Igor would be extremely jealous. Joan Rivers is now turning in her grave. Nobody can look that good, that sexy, that young, who is over the age of sixty. There is so much plaster of Paris involved that Madame Tussauds is in short supply. Or, perhaps it’s gallons of embalming fluid that makes Mr. or Miss Jenner the only living rival of King Tut in durable history and which may earn the former Olympian his own pyramid.

What Gives?

Well, first and foremost, it’s indoctrination. It’s a message being forced on our culture by the cultural elites who command our communications industries, our academic institutions, our government and political parties, and, for many years, our churches. This has been happening for a generation since I was a teenager in high school.

I remember, in 1975, as part of the Physical Education program (gym class), in high school, we were forced to watch a video showing gay and lesbian relationships. I walked out. So did many of the boys who, like me, didn’t understand why this was part our PE requisite.

In college, we didn’t have the option to walk out. Now, it was required in order to graduate. If this half-credit didn’t appear on our transcript, we weren’t allowed to get the sheepskin. If you didn’t participate in the indoctrination, then you didn’t graduate, period.

And, this is the culmination of our society’s propaganda to destroy the family over the course of the last fifty years. It was endemic long before we realized it. And now we see it protected and coveted by our courts, calling it justice; in Ireland, by popular fiat. We’ve seen it in our churches, where it infiltrated and infected our seminaries and convents, our schools, in the Girl and Boy Scouts, anywhere and every place we’ve tried to protect and harbor our children in a safe anchorage from the influence of Satan.


Yet, still, like a tsunami emanating from the bowels of the earth in frightening tremors that shake our very faith in God, it pounds our shores again and again and erodes the very tenacity of our belief in both the Old and New Testaments. Is there no hope?

Facing ship-wreck upon rocky shoals that seem inevitable, are we to simply succumb to the rising seas of current fad and fancy?

As Ireland did?

What a masterpiece of marketing. Selling sin for less than thirty pieces of silver – even Judas would have been jealous. Yet Ireland succumbed to the lords and demons of ancient, now revived, primitive Druid practices, and gave them precedence over their lives. The Irish people voted to reject their own faith. Probably because they felt betrayed, as we all have, by the conduct of our bishops. Not just since the scandals revealed by the media and the lawsuits that have cost us millions, that should have gone to the poor and needy, but because of the cover-up that shielded and protected criminals for years, and deluded, depressed, and endangered us all.

Sin has a price. It always does and always will. Now, we’re paying for those sins and at a premium. Pope Paul VI had it right when he said, on June 29, 1972, on the Feast of Saints Peter and Paul, and on the ninth anniversary of his pontificate, “…from some fissure the smoke of Satan has entered the temple of God.”

The “fissure,” of course occurred in the aftermath of Vatican II. This was the time when the Church imploded. It was exactly during the Sexual Revolution that the Church self-destructed. I don’t have to remind you of what happened next. Those of you who are of my age recall with regret the chaos and confusion that followed.

I remember a history seminar I had at Temple University many years ago. The professor, an eminently learned Doctor of history, told me a story of a student he had in the late sixties who happened to be a professed religious sister of some order I can’t now recall. She, he said, “was bedecked in a very severe habit, the kind nuns don’t wear anymore. But she showed up the very next semester wearing flowers in her hair and beads around her neck, the kind you don’t pray on to any religious character.” Apparently, and to the delight of the professor, she had seen the light of the modern age. “This,” the professor said with a smile on his face, “made me very happy.”

Funny, isn’t it, that we all should have known that the author of confusion is the Devil himself. There is no doubt in my mind that Satan succeeded. And still, after all these years, we are still befuddled; wondering and wandering in a waste land as if this was our forty years in the desert looking for the Promised Land.


Vanity, not Fair

There are many who point fingers at the pontificates of St. John XXIII and Bld. Paul VI. I believe it will take many more years, perhaps centuries, to discover the truth of what really went wrong. But, the facts speak for themselves. Something, perhaps someone, piloted the Church directly into a storm of such magnitude that ship-wreck was assured. I’m not talking about Free Masonry or communist infiltration, although, as a student of history, I know this is an undeniable truth. Ideologues and spies, government agents and Nazi collaborators, Iron Curtain and Bamboo Curtain infiltrators have been a bane to our Church for more than one-hundred-and-fifty years.

Yet, there is something else in play here.

Again, Pope Paul VI: “…even though the signs of the Evil One seem to be obvious at times. We can presume that his sinister action is powerful and hypocritical in the face of evident truth; where love is smothered by cold, cruel selfishness.”

Ah, that’s it I think. Vanity precludes love because it demands and exacts love-of-self instead of love for another. This is not fair love. It is demonic. It is total surrender to self. It is all about me and not about someone, anyone, else. It’s “my way or the highway.” And it’s all about demanding, perhaps even enacting it into legislative law, or, better yet, enforcing it through our judiciary, that this “cold, cruel selfishness” be acknowledged and universally accepted.

When my wife and I were young and inexperienced parents our pediatrician encouraged the application of Ipecac to force vomiting when a child swallowed some poisonous substance. This is no longer recommended just as many traditional treatments have been recognized as either ineffective, or, perhaps, dangerous, over the past forty years. Small wonder, fads and fancies come and go: in science, in medicine, politics and economics, education, even in religion. We have such short memories after all.

But to proclaim Bruce Jenner some kind of hero, someone who is to be adored and admired for what he has done is a lie. He will, in a very short time know this, too. Truth – “facts,” as John Adams once said, “are stubborn things.” These things do not just disappear because we want them to. Or because it is inconvenient or when we really don’t want to acknowledge the way things really are. Deep down inside ourselves – however we want to be civil and get along and not upset the apple cart – we know this to be true.

It’s time to regurgitate, because we’ve been duped into swallowing something unnatural and totally alien to time-honored and sacred truths.

Ipecac, indeed, may be the only remedy for such nonsense.


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